There are several signs for us to tell that an old home has foundation issues and there are also several causes as to why these issues occur. Some of them are environmental while others are simply wear and tear. Every issue has its own levels of urgency and telltales.  

Typical Indications of Foundation Issues 

Older homes will project signs of foundation wear. But, these aren’t evidence of a foundation problem. They could also be indications of other issues. Hence, if you have observed them and give you worries, contact a professional to inspect the home. Professional contractors from Concrete Nampa can definitely assist you out with the following foundation problems. If you want to be assisted, you can visit their website or contact them through their phone number. Here are the typical signs of foundation problems: 

  •       Concrete cracks

This could simply indicate that the concrete is aging or it could be a sign that it is more to that. For instance, hairline cracks are not a foundation problem. However if they become wider than ¼ inch, that could be a serious problem.  

  •       Windows and doors

Indications of foundation problems can usually be seen around windows and doors. Stress surrounding the frames, especially at the top, could be a sight of foundation problem. Windows and doors that do not close or open properly also may signify that the foundation should be improved.  

  •       Supports and floors

Issues of foundations seem most obvious once load-bearing walls, support beams, and floors show signs of wear. Uneven floors or cracking and crumbling supports are usually a great red flag in terms of foundation problems.  

Typical Causes of Foundation Problems 

Foundation problems are not always about the weakening of the foundation. While the cause could be because of the foundation’s age, most of the time, the cause comes from the outside of the house.  

  •       Roots

Trees could grow well within 50 up to 100 years. Also, root systems could become a major threat to a home’s foundation. Other threes have a wide-ranging root system, which means that a tree that’s sapling on across the street once the home was built can be a threat today.  

  •       Swelling of the ground

The ground swells because of the weather elements and moisture. A porous soil may contract and expand depending on how saturated it is. Settling is another reason why the ground swells. Settling happens when the foundation sinks into the ground while it turns to be more porous.  

What You Should Do? 

If you observe that the home you want to invest in has problems when it comes to its foundation, it is time to speak with a professional. There are some professionals you can bring in to assist you with this, however, you need to have multiple opinions. You can hire a structural engineer, who can inspect your home and know if the foundation needs to be rehabilitated. They could also make a plan to achieve and overcome this. Structural engineers are honed to examine the materials and environment around the home.