Drunk driving is considered to a serious offense to the law as it causes many injuries and deaths for both the drivers and other people involved in the accidents it causes. There are many people who shared their narratives o their terrible experience of drunk driving: from the charges filed against them, trial proceedings thy need to attend, the embarrassment they need to face, and the bereavement they need to experience all just because of reckless driving.

According to the MADD, drunk driving caused 1, 323 deaths in the year 2015. The victims who survived the accidents suffer from injuries such as back and spinal damages, traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, and paralysis. And even though drunk drivers face criminal charges, some people tend to be uneducated about its consequences and still do drink and drive.

Types of Accidents caused by intoxicated drivers

If one does consume alcohol, even how in small quantities, he/she will get affected and this includes her reaction time, driver’s judgment, coordination, and more. If you are facing charges against you, we recommend that you hire your own DUI lawyers West Palm Beach to help you alleviate the charges.

Rear-end collisions

When a person is intoxicated, his ability to judge and reaction time slows down, and this will have a great impact when a vehicle at the rear and suddenly stops or slows down ahead of him/her. Also, because he is flawed when it comes to judgment, he may think that he can safely slow down and stop when he cannot.

2.Head-on collisions

Drunk drivers sometimes get drowsy and completely fall asleep when driving, allowing their vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic and cause head-on collisions. Also, if he wasn’t sleeping, he could misinterpret and neglect traffic signs and signals that still cause this type of accident.

3.Wrong-way wrecks

Because the ability to comprehend external signals is reduced, the driver may believe that he is driving all right, when in reality, he is driving the wrong way that can cause inconvenience and worse, accidents, on the road.


All drivers are required to slow down whenever there is a pedestrian lane, as this is where people cross between two sideways. However, alcohol impairs not just your cognitive ability and reaction time, but also your eyesight. This worsens when the driver drunk drive at night, and fail to see a pedestrian. When someone crosses over, he may have a slow reaction time to hit the break beforehand, and this causes serious injury to the one crossing over.

Final thoughts

If you are a victim of your own misconduct and irresponsibility, you need to call immediately a professional attorney to save yourself from heavy charges and longer probation time. While it is still okay to rely on the government attorneys, it is recommended that you hire your own.

Also, guilt and remorse cannot change what happens in an accident, so it is best that you avoid driving while being intoxicated with alcohol and prevent injures and accidents.