Photo booth is another way to have a souvenir if you are going to have a party. You can do as many as photos you want from individual guest on the party. Be it on a wedding, birthday party, anniversary and many more. It can be a good way to make your guests leave with a smile and have an instant souvenir on their hands. But to make sure you hire a professional photo booth Sacramento company, here are the do’s and don’ts that can help you. 

Don’t Choose Just Any Backdrop 

It is essential that backdrop and props on your photo booth matches the event, either it’s a wedding or a party. This will help product great photos. Make sure that the company you hired do not get a vinyl or a see-through. It can be distracting to see people walking at the background while you are taking the picture. It will take away a great and fun picture.  


Do Get the Best Pictures on Your Photo Booth 

Make sure after the event you get the copy of the pictures taken. If you are the bride, make sure you have a picture with your bridesmaid at the party. The photos will be the memory you can keep forever and make sure you have them with you. The company should provide everything since this is part of the service. 


Don’t Forget to Get a Quote 

You should never forget to ask for a quote on their package rate. Ask not only one but two to three company. In this way you can compare the rates with the quality. Cheap does not mean they are good. Sometimes you will get what you pay for. Choose something that offers reasonable price with the quality you are looking. 


Do Research for their Reputation 

Always check the ratings and review of the company you are looking forward to hire. It is crucial that the agency has a high satisfactory rate than the negative feedback from the client. You need to do some research over the internet. You can fist look for the company’s website and then their social media. Mostly the clients leave ratings and reviews in these places.  


Don’t Forget to Check their Gallery 

Ask for sample of works. It is important to ask sample of works from their previous clients. It can also be a good thing you can get idea on how this people work. Do they provide a good backdrop and props ideal for the event? Do they have good printed copies? You can also see if they are using a good quality camera in capturing the pictures. There are many more you can learn and get by the sample from the companies.  


Do Always Ask for Client Reference 

A professional photo booth agency is willing to give reference anytime. This is because they got nothing to hide and they know they give out the best service always. You can contact the client and ask how the company deals with them. Are they professional enough? Do they offer the service fit for the event? Ask as many questions as possible you want.